Have you dreamed of going on an African Safari, but you are unsure how to do it? Join our group of like-minded adventure buddies on our women’s photo safari to Tanzania for a life-changing adventure on the Serengeti. Join us online to learn everything you need to know and how you can be part of our  May 9-19, 2024 Tour.

Ladies! Grab your safari hat, binoculars and don’t forget your camera because your friends are not going to believe your stories on our Tanzania women’s adventure safari! Tanzania is a place that is accessible to any type of traveler and is perfect for the first-time traveler to Africa. In this info session via Zoom, Tara Short & Lori Anderson will take you on a virtual tour of Tanzania. They will share why our Tanzania adventure safari is a story-book experience with a combination of game drives through wildlife parks, and cultural experiences with tribal people who are living the same way their ancestors have lived for centuries.

Green Edventures Datooga Tribe and Lori Anderson

Left to right, Datoga Tribe Member & Tour Leader Lori Anderson

During this Info session you will:

  • Learn about why Tanzania and the Serengeti is the stuff of legends and how you’ll get to witness the Great Migration of wildebeests, zebra and the Big 5.
  • See Tara & Lori’s personal videos and photos and hear the stories behind them.
  • Get the details on the packing list and gear recommendations.
  • Have the opportunity to ask questions and meet the Trip Leader Lori Anderson.
  • Get first access to the trip booking link.
  • Learn how there is still time to join this confirmed tour in 2024!

Recorded live. Watch the replay below.

View the 2024 Tanzania Serengeti Safari Itinerary & Booking Link