Women-Only Tanzania Safari Trip Confirmed!
May 5-15, 2020
3-4 spots available!! Deposit extended to November 15th!

By Tara Short

I am happy to report that our second annual women-only Tanzania Safari for May 2020 is confirmed. This trip is in Partnership with Becoming an Outdoors Woman. I can’t wait to go back to the Serengeti and all its splendor next year with a great group of women.

As a kid, my favorite movie was The Neverending Story. I would watch it, and rewind, and watch it again. Much like Bastian, the main character, I was the child of a single parent and I dreamed of far places and adventures.

30 years later, I was a passenger in a Land Rover driving 60 mph down a dusty dirt road in the Serengeti. Along the roadside, thousands of zebras and wildebeests marched in the endless plains. Lions lounged under acacia trees, and warthogs and antelopes frolicked.

The theme song from my childhood started playing in my mind as a soundtrack to my real adventure. I heard Bastian tell Falcor (the Luck Dragon), “It’s like The Nothing never was,” as they soared over a renewed and perfect Fantasia. — Click here to see Bastian’s flight for reference.

In a time where species are disappearing off of this planet every day, it feels like the fictional being, The Nothing that was killing Fantasia, is destroying all of the beauty and biodiversity of our world. But on the Serengeti that day, I saw wilderness like The Nothing never was.

The Serengeti will change you. It will open your eyes to what is possible to protect and what should be protected.

Come witness this story-book adventure yourself. We have room for a few more dreamers on our women-only Tanzania Safari in May 2020.

To view the women-only Tanzania Safari Itinerary in partnership with Becoming an Outdoors Woman click here: https://greenedventures.com/tours/africa-tanzania-serengeti-safari-for-women/

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