The New York Times Travel published an article on 52 places to travel in 2020 and two of those destinations are offered by Green Edventures Tours, can you guess which wild and off-the-beaten path places made it to their list?

The New York Times Travel published an article with 52 places for people to travel in 2020! This is a great list to help you start dreaming of destinations. Let us know if there is anywhere on this list you would like to see Green Edventures take our women’s adventure program or educational tours to in the future. In the meantime, I was happy to see we were slightly ahead of The New York Times since we already have 2 of our 9 destinations listed!

Number 18 on the New York Times list is La Paz, Baja Sur, Mexico.

“Just up the coast from Cabo San Lucas is La Paz, the 250,000-person capital of Baja California Sur state and one of the region’s oldest and most dynamic cities. But unlike many of Mexico’s better-known beach towns, the La Paz area has resisted large-scale resort-style development and remained comparatively unknown to outsiders,” says NYT Author FREDA MOON. 

La Paz has always been number 1 on our list. Green Edventures, started leading groups to Baja in 2009 when literally, no one was going to La Paz. I remember standing outside the airport waiting for groups with just a couple of drivers from Cabo area hotels. La Paz was my first destination, and my first love. And it continues to be in the hearts of more than 1,000 people Green Edventures has taken on tours there. People love and many return to La Paz, because It is considered the gateway to the Sea of Cortez and far from the crowds of Cabo San Lucas. This place is every would-be-marine-biologist’s dream! In a single weekend you can snorkel with sea lions AND whale sharks! You can float over fish-filled coral reefs, and camp under a billion brightly shining stars on uninhabited islands with towering red canyons, white sand beaches, and turquoise water. 

Each March we lead women’s snorkeling trips and Eco-adventures that combine the highlights of the Sea of Cortez and Espiritu Santo Island with the added bonus of a visit to the Pacific Coast to meet Gray Whales. Our educational tours for student groups take place March through July and focus on marine science and conservation.

To find inspiration for your travel dreams, read the full article by the New York Times here: The New York Times Travel Article

Learn more about our La Paz, Baja women’s snorkeling adventures and student group marine science tours here: Educational Tours

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