Green Edventures’ Women’s Iceland Hiking & Multi-Sport Adventures Still A Possibility for Summer 2020 Travel. Iceland’s Prime Minister Reveals Her Plan.

It looks like our Iceland women’s trips in July & August just got a little good news. Last week, our partners in Iceland shared breaking news that Iceland would be welcoming tourists from the USA and other countries outside the Schengen Area and EU.

Minister KatrÍn Jakobsdóttir announced this week that the country would begin allowing tourists to enter Iceland as soon as June 15, with conditions. What are the conditions? To be fit for travel.

Tourists can prove their good health upon arrival at Keflavík International Airport via one of the following methods:  1) go into 14-day quarantine, 2) get a free COVID-19*** test at the airport, Or 3) present a certificate of good health from their home countries.  Travelers will also be asked to download the contract tracing app Rakning C-19.  Read the full report here: Breaking: Iceland to Open To Tourists Again On June 15th (With Conditions) May 12, 2020.

Iceland has been a worldwide leader in testing, tracing, and isolating the virus since the beginning of the year. “Iceland enacted a policy of high testing volumes and contact tracing to minimize the spread of the virus, accompanied by extensive self-quarantine measures. It was one of the very few countries that started testing in January before a single case was found, and a science-led proactive response has allowed the country to contain the spread through strong processes, high testing capacity, a dedicated track-and-trace app and specialist team. As a result of this response, in May so far only four new cases of coronavirus have been identified in the country.

The government has therefore been able to begin easing social distancing measures for Icelanders and as of May 4, many restrictions have been lessened, and is now also in a position to enact a new border process that will allow tourists to return,” According to Sigríður Dögg Guðmundsdóttir, head of Visit Iceland.

Iceland Open Borders June 15 Women's Travel Iceland

The black sand beach of Reynisfjara and the mount Reynisfjall, iceland

We know that our clients will have more questions and an FAQ sheet is being created as more information becomes available. Green Edventures and our partners in Iceland will remain focused on the health and safety of our clients including following the CDC and WHO guidelines for prevention.

*** It is still be determined for how long the Iceland government will provide free tests at the airport. Some reports say just two weeks. Price for the test could range from $200-$400 USD.

Official COVID-19 Iceland Info Link: https://www.covid.is/english
Iceland COVID-19 Status: https://www.icelandreview.com/ask-ir/whats-the-status-of-covid-19-in-iceland/

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