So you want to climb the tallest mountain in Africa? Join us online to learn everything you need to know about hiking Kilimanjaro, and how you can be part of our team June 2024.

If you have dreamed of hiking Kilimanjaro, we want to make your dream come true. In 2023, Green Edventures organized their first team to ¬†hike Mount Kilimanjaro and we are doing it again June 21-July 1, 2024. In this info session via Zoom, Tara Short & Tracey Seward will take you on a virtual journey up the mountain. They will tell their stories of what it was like to hike the tallest mountain in Africa, about the local team that helped get us to the summit, and answer everyone’s biggest question, “what was summit night like?”

Green Edventures Kilimanjaro Left to right: Tracey Seward & Tara Short at Uhuru Peak

Left to right: Tracey Seward & Tara Short at Uhuru Peak

During this Info session you will:

  • Learn about the Northern Circuit Trail, and why its acclimation profile has the highest summit success rate.
  • See Tara & Traceys personal videos and photos from the trail and hear the stories that are behind them.
  • Get the details on the packing list and gear recommendations.
  • Learn what about physical demands and training needed prepare your body to hike the mountain.
  • Have the opportunity to ask questions, and meet the Trip Leader Tracey Seward.
  • Get first access to the trip booking link.