Clear your mind, and unwind with us on our Healing Waters: Women’s Iceland Hot Springs and Geothermal Spas Retreat March 15-23, 2024

Are you tired, and in need of TLC for your mind, body, and spirit? Do you love to travel, but crave a slower and more relaxed than the usual see-it-all-tour? Do you love hot springs & geothermal spas and want to experience as many of these gems in Iceland as you possibly can? If you said yes to any of those questions, then Healing Waters: Women’s Iceland Hot Springs and Geothermal Spas Retreat was made for you. 

Iceland is a hot springs and geothermal spas paradise!  Join us as we explore north Iceland’s lesser known towns via their hot springs and geothermal pools. A new theme each day will align with sightseeing, light activity in nature, and mindfulness techniques taught to us by local wellness professionals. 

Let Earth’s energy, applied grounding techniques, and connection with others in nature rejuvenate and restore your inner harmony and balance. 

Iceland is one of the most beautiful places on Earth and amid a backdrop of mountains, glacier-swept valleys, powerful cascading waterfalls, and black sand beaches is the perfect place to let nature inspire your sense of wonder and creativity during our Healing Waters: Women’s Iceland Hot Springs and Geothermal Spas Retreat.

  • Experience 7 uniquely different hot springs & spas in north Iceland plus more opportunities to soak in hot tubs at other times during the tour.
  • Meet inspiring and loving healers who will use their gifts to help you restore balance where you need it.
  • Travel along the arctic coast and see the small towns and farms that are found within the polar circle. 
  • Enjoy a 3-hour snow shoe walk in a winter wonderland. – Or not. We have restful options, too!
  • Feel the power of the “Waterfall of the Gods.”
  • Feel weightless and deep relaxation during a guided flotation experience.
  • Heal your inner goddess and align your chakras during a sound bathing workshop. 
  • Have your fortune told in the Old Icelandic way at the Museum of Prophecies  
  • Stay in a variety of comfortable 3-star hotels throughout the retreat.
  • Long days for outdoor experiences, and cozy nights for gazing at the sky for possible northern lights.
Green Edventures Iceland Hot Springs and Northern Lights

March is a good time to see Northern Lights in Iceland.


Who should sign up on Healing Waters: Women’s Iceland Hot Springs and Geothermal Spas Retreat? This retreat is open to women ages 21 and older, any background or skill level:

  • Who wants to see Iceland’s nature in winter, and learn about its history and culture. 
  • Who finds wonder, and inspiration being outside in nature.
  • Who like small doses of physical activity such as easy walks, and snowshoeing. 
  • That does not mind a little hocus pocus. We will discuss metaphysical concepts such as the Law of Attraction, meet with a fortune teller, discuss paganism, and other topics that will require an open mind. 
  • Who loves the company and camaraderie of a group of women, and who are willing to foster a safe place for others to learn and share.
  • That is in need of rest and restorative balance.
  • Who reads the itinerary and resonates with the activities each day. This was made for you!

Women's Iceland Hot Springs and geothermal spa retreat