Green Edventures Yellowstone Winter Wolves & Wildlife Safaris January & February 2021 Informational Video Replay.

In September, Tara Short from Green Edventures and our local partners in Jackson Hole Wyoming hosted an informational session about our upcoming Yellowstone Winter Wolves & Wildlife Safari. On this adventure, participants will explore the Northern Range of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem in search of wolves and other iconic wildlife such as elk, bison, and coyotes. The link below will take you to a reply of the one hour information discussion. Participants who attended the session were encouraged to ask questions. If you have specific questions please feel free to contact Green Edventures’ CEO Founder & Winter Wolves & Wildlife Safari Trip Leader, Tara Short at or by phone 1-888-622-4911.


Video Timeline by Minutes
0-13 min: General Introductions
14 min: Yellowstone Winter Wolves & Wildlife Safari Overview
19 min: Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem
20:20 min: Large Carnivores
22 min: History of Wolves in the US
23:33 min: Yellowstone Wolves
25:09 min: Human Perceptions of Wolves
27:02 min: Winter in Yellowstone Sites & Wildlife
29:37 min: Bison in Yellowstone
32:17 min: Itinerary Overview
40 min: Photography
43 min: Optics
47 min: What To Bring
55 min: COVID
57 min: Travel Insurance
58 min: How to Sign Up

Upcoming Small Group Expeditions:
Women’s Yellowstone Winter Wolves & Wildlife Safari January 25-30, 2021- NOV 30th DEADLINE
Co-Ed Yellowstone Winter Wolves & Wildlife Safari February 22-27, 2021

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