Wanna snorkel with sea lions, swim next to gentle giant whale sharks, and try to kiss wild Magdalena Bay Gray Whales – ALL IN THE SAME WEEK?!!

Join us in La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico on one of the three Sea of Cortez Snorkeling Safaris + Magdalena Bay Gray Whales trips that are available in March 2020 as we celebrate 10 years of leading tours in La Paz, Baja Sur.

Spend four unforgettable nights glamping on Ensenada Grande beach — a billion-star resort. Enjoy chef-prepared meals with fresh ingredients brought in daily, a variety of beverages, and the support of a full crew.
From our camp on Ensenada Bay, we have quick access to the best of Espiritu Santo Island. Each day is filled with fun outdoor adventures including snorkeling with sea lions at Los Islotes, hiking through pristine desert, and sea kayaking along towering volcanic arches. On our way back to La Paz, we stop in the Bay of La Paz to get gill-to-snorkel with the largest fish in the world, – the whale shark!
Ensenada Grande Bay

Ensenada Grande, Espiritu Santo Island, La Paz, Mexico.

Have you ever looked a whale in the eye? One night and two days will be spent in Puerto Lopez Mateos, gateway to Magdalena Bay. We will meet Magdalena Bay Gray Whales up-close and personal. Baby gray whales are like puppies. They come right up to the boat to check you out.
Magdalena Bay is a RAMSAR site and is protected due to its importance as a marine sanctuary, for whales, dolphins, birds, fisheries, and invertebrates. Thanks to local communities like Puerto Lopez Mateos, fisherman hang up their nets to take tourists out to meet the whales each season. Tourism dollars helps protect whales, the ecosystem, and supports the people who live there.
Only a certain number of boats can go out each day and there are strict rules about how boats approach the whales.

Join us in March on one of our Magdalena Bay Gray Whale trips combined with a Sea of Cortez snorkeling safari from Espiritu Santo Island.

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Sea of Cortez Snorkeling Safari + Gray Whales March 10-17, 2020

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