Green Edventures will not require proof of vaccination for participation in eco tours in 2023.

We are looking forward to helping you fall in love with wild places and amazing animals through extraordinary experiences in 2023.  Below you will find our relaxed guidelines, but know that the health and safety of our guests and the communities we visit is our number one priority. If the data points in a different direction, these protocols will be updated. 

For 2023 trips these are our relaxed guidelines based on the CDC’s recent announcement regarding COVID protocols.

Does Green Edventures require participants to be fully vaccinated to participate on a tour?

As of August 16, 2022, Green Edventures will not require participants to provide proof of COVID vaccination to participate on our tours. This decision is based on the recent update from the Center for Disease Control

Some countries still require proof of vaccination or could require it. In lieu of vaccination, pre-arrival testing may be required. It is up to the participant to have the required documents to present to immigration or the airline.

Does Green Edventures require participants to be tested for COVID before your participation?

As of August 16, 2022, no testing is required to participate on a Green Edventures Tour, UNLESS a destination, travel partner, or airline requires testing. 

Read our complete statement here.

To our currently registered participants, and those of you considering traveling with Green Edventures, this is our promise to you…

You Will Be Prepared
Our travelers love the amount of pre-trip information that they receive to help them prepare for their upcoming trip. Our team is keeping up on country-specific entry requirements and letting adventurers know what documents and test results they need to enter the countries we travel to. The Trip Confirmation Letter informs participants of the current entry requirements at the time the trip is confirmed. Thirty days before the trip, the Travel Packet provides updates if any. 

Someone Will Always Be Available To Answer Your Questions
Each tour has a private Facebook Group where participants can meet each other before the trip, ask questions, and get updates. If you need a more personalized answer to questions you can call or email one of us at Green Edventures and get a response with 24-48 hours for non-emergencies. In an emergency, you can talk to someone almost immediately during regular business hours. While you are on the tour, our office is in constant communication with the Trip Leaders and we have people ready to assist if needed. 

You Can Relax
Our team will deal with the stresses of organizing your international adventure (schedule changes, capacity restrictions, closures) and communicate to you the solutions. 

We Share The Same Values
We are really lucky that our tours attract people who appreciate a science-based approach to covid prevention & transmission. We provide everyone with a list of protocols to follow on the trip to keep our group, and the communities we travel to safe. 

There Is A Plan
If someone does test positive for COVID on a tour there is a plan, and if it is you, you will not go through it alone. Green Edventures and our partners will assist our Edventure Buddies in getting testing, set up room & board, medical treatment if needed, and transportation.

All participants are required to have travel medical insurance which is part of a comprehensive travel insurance plan. Travel insurance is available here.