By North Collins High School Students & Instructors
Location: Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica
Feb 8, 2019
Activity: Canopy tour of Garlic Tree used for researching butterflies, and nocturnal wildlife of the Corocado National Park.

Garlic Tree Platforms

The view from bottom at platforms 1 and 2.

Today we took a trip 200 meters up to gigantic garlic tree. After our hour long, all uphill climb we got to ascend above the canopy. We were harnessed up, instructed how to climb, and sent up the 140-foot tree. We stopped along the way to take a rest and check out the beautiful view, and then continued on to the top of the tree. The view was so intense that no words can explain how beautiful it was. After our decent down the tree we started to walk down the path towards lookout point. We reached the point after a little while and the break that we took was definitely needed. We enjoyed our breather, but we were more excited to go
and take a nap. So we took our time climbing down the mountain and went back to the hammocks and took naps.

Costa Rica Science trips for students

View from top of Canopy.

Mental photo
150 feet in the air. Wooden platform below, sitting on top of a tree. Monkeys in nearby
trees. View of the coast far below. Tops of trees visible. People in harnesses huddled
together. Bright blue sky. White fluffy clouds barely visible through the branches above.

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