You may never remember how to pronounce the name Laugavegur, but this 40-mile trek in the remote Southern Highlands of Iceland will be unforgettable.

In August 2019, I walked 40 miles over 5 days on one of the most beautiful hiking trails in the world, Iceland’s the Laugavegur Trek. In 2020, you can join me. Click here for the 2020 Trip Details.

My interest, and now love for hiking was born in Iceland. There is endless daylight in the summer, and I am sure this; and the fact that this island is the cap of rock floating on a deep sea fire plume spewing from the core of the Earth is why I felt so much energy that I could walk for days — True story, both parts.

The Laugavegur Trek (pronounced Loy-ga-vey-gur) starts at a hot spring and ends in the green forest of Thorsmork, named after the Norse God, Thor.  The landscape was otherworldly. I crossed steamy valleys with bubbling mud pools, snow covered canyons, and expansive black sand deserts.

Some days I walked in the shadows of glaciers, and in others under the gaze of mountain trolls.

The trail was challenging, but not scary or intimidating. The first couple of days were filled with rolling hills and ups and downs that seemed to go on forever.

Midway, the elevation leveled out and so did the effort.

There were rivers to cross. Very cold rivers that made my toes go numb in my neoprene booties.
I laughed a lot. I cursed a little.

There were times I was far enough from the group to be alone with my thoughts, with nothing but wide open space and tundra plants to keep me company. — That felt good.

I disconnected with life’s burdens.

My focus each day was walking, eating, socializing, and sleeping. – Imagine that? My attention was on myself, my body, and connecting with others. – What a concept.

Evenings were spent in cozy mountain huts. I was warmed up and refreshed by great food and conversations with travelers from all over the world.

The hike ended in Thor’s valley with green fairy-like birch trees, and winding paths that led to the final hut of the adventure. It felt so good knowing that I conquered those 40 miles by simply putting one foot in front of the other.

In August 2020 I will do it again.

Wanna join me? Click here to see available dates for this hike and other Iceland adventures for women!


  • Must LOVE hiking.
  • Be a person with a positive-can-do-attitude! We can’t have anybody giving up midway and we need to support each other.
  • Have some hiking experience carrying a 35 pound backpack for 6-7 hours per day.
  • Able to walk 7-10 miles per day up and down steep inclines with loose rock, gravel, and snow.
  • Have or will invest in the proper gear needed for a safe and enjoyable adventure.
  • Stoked to give unlimited hi-fives and words of encouragement to your adventure buddies.

Details: This trip is fully supported.

  • You only carry your personal items.
  • Luggage transport throughout the hike.
  • All meals are included during the hike.
  • Lodging: 2 nights guest houses in Reykjavik, and 4 nights in dormitory mountain huts.
  • Trip is led by an Icelandic trekking guide.
  • Trip is supported by your tour leader.

Contact: Tara Short or +1-715-252-1238

Wanna join me? Click here to see available dates for this hike and other Iceland adventures for women!


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