Green Edventures’ Response to Require Negative Virus Tests From International Air Travelers

On January 11, 2021 the CDC Expanded Negative COVID-19 Test Requirement to All Air Passengers Entering the United States” Long before this was announced, Green Edventures had been working with our teams in the destinations we lead tours in the anticipation of such a requirement. Our goal is to identify testing locations on tour routes so that travelers can be tested without interrupting the quality of the itinerary. Some destinations already had testing locations for outbound travelers as a response to other governments’ mandates like that of Canada and the United Kingdom. In places where testing locations are not readily available, we are thinking outside with the help of our local contacts such as identifying private labs that could assist our groups on an as needed basis.

 Since July, Green Edventures and our partners have been working to:

1) identify local testing sites at destinations and to get travelers tested without interrupting the itinerary.
2) develop contingency plans if someone does test positive.
3) work with destinations’ tourism boards, and follow in country health guidance to update standard operating procedures which help minimize the spread of COVID-19.
4) ensure our guides and travelers test negative before joining the tour.
5) all clients are on the same page of what the safety protocols are at each destination to help us maintain our bubble to keep themselves and each other safe.
Travel is going to look very different for a while and we realize that it will be some time until most people feel safe traveling again. When you do choose to travel, and you have the choice between booking on your own flights and tours through a discount travel site, or of working with a real person (travel advisor, tour guide, tour operator) ask yourself this question, “If I have an emergency, who do I know at the destination that could help me?”

The answer isn’t a discount travel booking site.
Green Edventures has continued to run domestic and international trips following best practices as we know them.
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