Baja Island Adventure for Women

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Who should I contact for more information?

If you have more questions please call or email the Director Tara Short 1-888-622-4911 or


What is included?

The program cost is $2250 and is all inclusive from Los Cabos Airport, Baja, Mexico with most meals (lunch on arrival day to breakfast on departure day, lodging (double occupancy), transport, educational programs, equipment (snorkeling gear and wetsuit rental), and guide service.


What is not included?

The program cost does not include roundtrip airfare to Los Cabos Airport, travel insurance, spending money, gratuity, or alcoholic beverages. or optional SCUBA for certified divers or Discover SCUBA for non-certified divers that want try SCUBA.


How do I get there?

You will use Ridgebrook Travel Agency in Deerfield, IL to book your flight.


Where will I stay?

Lopez Mateos Bungalows (1 night)

Participants will stay double occupancy in bungalows on near whale watching activities. The bungalows have flushing toilets and showers.


Isla Partida Island Camp (4 nights)

This camp is nothing like you have probably every experienced. It is not roughing it at all and it is remote without the feeling of being limited. You know, when you hike in someplace for the week, you eat what you carry in right? Not during this adventure, supplies are brought in daily and there is cold storage, a stove for cooking, a chef to prepare your meals, and even a blender for margaritas and a generator to charge your camera batteries! You will arrive to tents already set up and adventure right in the backyard.


Participants will stay 4nights at Camp Sea Quest on Isla Partida, located on the northern portion of Espiritu Santo Island. The Beach camp can accommodate up to 25 participants. Tents have 2 cots, 2 sleeping bags, 2 sets of sheets and pillows and a bath towel for each participant. There is a full kitchen and cooking staff. There are two flush toilets with privacy walls, T.P and hand sanitizer. There are two enclosed single solar showers for bathing.


Hotel Marina, La Paz ( 2 nights)

Participants wills stay in this 3-star hotel on day 1 as a half-way point to whale watching activities in Puerto Lopez Mateos, then again day 7 for transport day 8 to the airport.


Are there insect issues to worry about?

Biting insects such as mosquito's are not a problem. A small bottle of travel-size insect repellant will suffice. There are bees on Espiritu Santo Island. They tend to congregate around fresh water. They are non-aggressive but if you are allergic you need to notify us and bring 2 epipens prescribed to you.


Will there be showers and toilets while we are camping?

Yes of course! This type of camp is low impact but includes the creature comforts you desire. There are private stalls with manual flush toilets and private stalls with solar showers.



What is your cancellation and refund policy?

If a participant cancels for any reason, the participant forfeits all monies paid. We do however, accept substitutions until thirty days of the start of the trip. Green Edventures reserves the right to deny substitutions. Contact us for details. Because we work with small, locally owned guides, this adventure requires year long planning and early financial commitments with our contractors to ensure they can work with us during their busiest time of year.


Do I need travel insurance?

It is highly recommended. Purchase when you buy your airline tickets throught the travel agent or book through a carrier on your own. It is a good idea to purchase your insurance within 15 days of your deposit to receive the maximum benefits. Purchase a package that covers: trip cancellation, missed connections, travel interruption, travel delay, emergency medical treatment and emergency medical evacuation. Once your airline tickets are confined you can call the insurance provided to update your information.


What type of food will I eat and will there be bottled water?

You will eat chef-prepared delicious authentic food with a touch of Americana. Meals will be a mix of local fare such as beans, rice, chicken, pork, and fish with a vegetable. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are provided as well as snacks, fruit, coffee, tea and juice. There are vegetarian and gluten-free options and fish substitutes if you do not eat fish. Please contact us in advance if you have special dietary needs. Purified ice water in five gallon jugs are available to refill your reusable water bottles.


How many participants will there be per week?

Group size will be limited to 10-20 participants.


What type of activities do we do?

This is a multi-sport adventure with a primary emphasis on snorkeling and free-diving. All skills are taught at the beginner level. You will see and do what most people dream about. Any one in good health and that can swim can attend this program because although some people have snorkeled before, some of the women that do this trip have not had an open water experience. Everyone learns the basics in shallow water to allow them to get comfortable with their gear and then we progress to deeper dives where people can learn free-diving to depths of 10 to 20ft and beyond if they are comfortable. Each site will provide beautiful fish-filled landscapes that everyone can enjoy floating on the surface or at 20ft!


The program is tailored around the group's interest and skill levels. All activities are optional. Activities will have participants hiking through desert canyons and mountainous terrain, exploring rocky beaches, swimming with wild sea lions and other mega fauna, riding in boats, traversing the countryside by van, and interacting with native people. Be advised caution is required on all activities. Rough, steep, uneven, slippery footing and unpredictable environmental conditions is the rule rather than the exception.


What are the physical requirements to participant?

All women ages 18 and beyond are welcome but the age range is typically 40-70. Because the program is designed around the participants, we can accommodate a wide range of skill levels, physical abilities and personal interests. We help each other, too. There will be times when you will need to walk on uneven terrain, or step into a dingy from a boat. For many women, balance loss is an issue. If you are open to being helped, our guides and the group will assist you. Just tell us what you need, or give us a call to discuss. You must be in excellent physical and mental heath with the ability to swim, and follow visual, and verbal instructions. Contact us if you have a concern.


What should I pack?

Keep it simple. A packing list will be provided. Lightweight clothing and footwear is the norm but it does get cool at night an in the mornings. You will need a warm fleece jacket for cool periods in the day and warm sleep wear for the night time.. Don't forget sun protection like sunglasses, sun block and hat. While snorkeling you will need a rash guard top to protect you from sea jellies, rock scrapes, and other abrasions. Please don't over pack.


What type of currency will I need?

Mexican currency is the Peso ($1 US dollar is equal to about 12 Mexican Pesos). US Currency is accepted here don't worry about exchanging your money. Bring $150 USD for gratuity and about $50 in small denominations of $1, $5, $10 and $20s. Credit cards are accepted at most stores.


What travel documentation will I need?

You will need a passport. Apply at your local post office. Don't wait until the last minute, it does take some time. They cost $80-100 not including the cost of two head shots which must be submitted with the application.


Are vaccinations required?

Vaccinations are not required, but check with your physician to be sure you are up to date on your shots. Tetanus, Hepatitis, and Typhoid are all recommended. Check the Center for Disease Control's web site for updates and recommendations.


Will I be able to call home?

There will be a company cell phone that you may use to call home to let loved ones know you made it to Mexico. Telephone and cell phone communication is not possible while we are out in the field. Some cell phone services like T-mobile, Sprint, and AT&T may get service at the airport or on the highway.


Tell me about the weather. Will it be hot?

The days are typically in the high 80's. During the day you will be in a t-shirt and shorts taking advantage of the intense sun not yet felt in the northern latitudes. At night and through dawn you will be surprised how quickly the desert cools down. It can feel cold with the wind, so make sure you bring the warm items listed on your packing list. Nighttime temps can be in the low 60's but can feel like the 50's if you are not prepared.


Is there medical care nearby?

Should a medical emergency arise, the participant will be transported to La Paz via boat to meet with EMS at the marina for transport to a hospital. La Paz does have an international airport should an air evacuation be needed. Due to the remoteness of the activities, medical care can be significantly delayed. AmeriMed hospital is in Cabo San Lucas and a clinic is in Los Barriles.

General Hospital de Zona con Medicinea Familiar #1.
Telephone 011-52 (612) 122-7377
5 de Febrero y H. de Independencia, La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Cabo San Lucas (Los Cabos) (AmeriMed) Hospital
Telephone 011-52-624-105-8500

Los Barriles (AmeriMed) Clinic International Calls


How safe is this adventure?

Green Edventures has been leading student, college and adult groups to La Paz since the summer of 2009. We have never encountered any problems with violence in La Paz or threats of violence. La Paz is one of the most peaceful cities in Mexico and has a lower crime rate than many US cities including Chicago, Detroit, and New Orleans. Most of the violence is occurring in border towns nearly 1,000 miles away from La Paz and Espiritu Santo. To minimize risk during adventure activities, Green Edventures has partnered with expert, well established and reputable businesses in La Paz.


Green Edventures works with partners and vendors to minimize risk through planning and hiring experience guides. Guides for technical activities are Rescue SCUBA Diver Certified and/or SCUBA Dive Master and for all non-technical activities guides are First Aid/CPR certified. While on the island, we have 24hour access to a boat and captain and VHF radio.


Are personal belongings safe left at the base camp or do things like passport, money, etc.. need to be carried with you at all times?

The island we stay on is isla Partida but better known as Espiritu Santo Island, a World Heritage Site (aka world national park) that is the size of Manhattan and totally uninhabited and about 26 miles by boat away from La Paz. Our camp is a full service camp with a crew of at least 5 including a chef, 2-assistants, a boat captain, and local guide. Every detail is taken care of for you. Leaving your stuff at camp it is totally fine and you should! Theft has never been an issue.


About Baja California Sur

Baja California Sur is one of the most peaceful and pristine states of Mexico's. It is considered a portion of North America. It is bordered to the north by the state of Baja California, to the west by the Pacific Ocean, and to the east by the Gulf of California, also known as the Sea of Cortez.


Do you have past participants that would be willing to talk with me?

Yes! Contact us for more information. You can also read the participant blogs here: Baja Women Chronicles or interact with other travelers on Facebook. Follow the links below.


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More Questions?

If you have more questions please call or email the Director Tara Short 1-888-622-4911 or


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